Inspirational Digital Marketing Success Stories of India
Digital marketing in India is thriving more than you might think. Both young and experienced entrepreneurs of this country are focusing on making their digital marketing strategies more flexible and superior.
Rudrasish Chakraborty

Digital marketing

Digital marketing in India is thriving more than you might think. Both young and experienced entrepreneurs in this country are focusing on making their digital marketing strategies more flexible and superior. The competition in the digital marketing space has never been so higher and by looking at the current trends, one can assume that it is going to stay the same for years to come.

Hence, Digital Marketing will be a key factor for businesses to thrive both in the present scenario and in the future one. One can be optimistic about the future only when the present scenario looks fruitful. Here are a few digital marketing success stories from India that will definitely inspire you to build a better future for your business.

1. Khatabook • 2018


Khatabook, founded in 2018 by Vaibhav Kalpe, was initially built with the sole purpose of helping his father keep track of his transactions. Their first offering “an android application” was intended for small and medium scale businesses to digitally record the credit and debit transactions for their customers.

Khatabook was a great idea but it needed something more to become successful. With the aim of building brand awareness and reaching the right audience in the most engaging way, Khatabook started a digital marketing campaign by advertising their offerings in Disney+ Hotstar.

With the right message (Khushiyon ka Khata) and using Disney + Hotstar’s sharp targeting tools, it managed to reach its targeted audience and achieved a 9% growth in brand awareness and 70k app installs. Khatabook currently handles transactions of INR 45,000 crores and has been downloaded over 10M+ times.

Khatabook currently has 1.1 million daily active users and all this happened due to their social media campaign which has set them on the right path towards success.

2. Wakefit • 2016


Wakefit, founded in 2016 by Ankit Garg, is a mattress manufacturing company that intends to provide quality mattresses at affordable prices. By bringing in the concept of ‘mattress in a box’ to India and selling them online. The four years old startup instantly became profitable after 6 months of existence. By disrupting the existing age-old business model and by adopting a direct-to-consumer model, they managed to eliminate the cost of middlemen and commissions which allowed them to sell products at a far lower price. The company wants to be synonymous with sleep solutions and also provide products such as bed sheets and comforters.

'Sleep Internship by Wakefit' - which was one of the most viral digital marketing campaigns of 2019 promoted the importance of a good night’s sleep in a never-heard-of way. It offered to pay interns an amount of ₹1 lakh for sleeping at the job. Yes, you read that right! They offered ₹1 lakh to sleep at the job for 8 hours. This campaign created a buzz on the social media platforms and made them a recognizable brand amongst the mattress manufacturing companies.

Wakefit earned a huge following after this and earned a revenue of about ₹81 Crore in the year 2019 and is currently aiming to net ₹250 Crore in the year 2020.

3. Chumbak • 2009


Chumbak, founded in 2009 by Subhra Chadda and her husband Vivek Prabhakar, is a Bangalore based start-up selling designer T-shirts, Watches, Coffee mugs, Teacups, etc. They started the company with the intent to bring in products in the souvenir market that will tickle the humor of the Indian consumer. Before the launch of their Delhi store, they started the #bobbymissing campaign on social media to create a buzz and engage with the fans.

The campaign centered around Bobby, a popular character from their Bobblehead Collection and they constantly updated their fans on Social Media with images announcing the spotting of the missing Bobblehead Bobby in the various states and cities of India. The campaign went viral and ended with Bobby finally making an appearance in their Delhi Store and thus introducing the audience to their shop.

With the help of this Social Media campaign they successfully managed to grow their Brand awareness and recognition. People were interested in visiting the store and getting a bobble head for themselves.

4. Little Black Book - LBB • 2012

Little Black Book

Little Black Book, founded in 2012 by Suchitra Salwan and Dhruv Mathur, is currently India's largest platform to discover and shop independent brands and retailers. It started from a Tumblr Blog where Suchitra Salwan, a quintessential millennial, started documenting interesting places she’d discovered in Delhi.

She started writing about bars, monuments, markets, parks and restaurants, and general things to do all over Delhi, and within a very short period of time, the Tumblr Blog transformed into a full-fledged website.

Suchitra Salwan hired a small group of employees after this and started to focus on the interest of the millennials of this country. Little Black Book soon became an information marketplace for all things local, whether it is food or shopping or events or travel with a huge following among the millennials.

Little Black Book got people hooked into their content and now it was the time to make it even bigger. In 2015, Salwan started to look for a co-founder with a technology background. Dhruv Mathur, who was previously doing technology implementation for e-commerce firms in the US took this role as he wanted to have an opportunity that was just beginning to arise. He started focusing on making a platform that has sound technology and can help Little Black Book become more than just an informational website.

Soon after, Little Black book transformed from providing information about the local marketplace to actually supplying them. They built a curated marketplace for local products and currently it is the go-to platform to sell, discover, and promote anything that is local.

As of Aug 26, 2019, Little Black Book has raised funding of about $8.3M and it all happened due to the power of Social Media and Digital Marketing.

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